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*** We are not offering any programs for the time being ***


Remember the smell of pine needles in the sun? The sound of rain drops rolling off leaves? The feel of a puddle as it splashes up your legs? Sparkling snow crunching under your boots? Buttercups under your chin? Lying under a sea of animals in the clouds?

There is a sense of all-encompassing well-being that comes from these kinds of experiences and memories.


Please inquire here for details of our upcoming programs. Currently, we are looking into offering programs to children living in urban areas...stay tuned! 




The forest kindergarten is nature immersion fun for 3 to 5 year-olds that takes place within a beautiful forest in West Dublin, Nova Scotia. It began at Windhorse Farm in 2014, and was one of the first in the province.

Open Air Learning's Forest Clubs are for older children and youth.


Through safe exploration and outside play, children’s sense of wonder and natural inclination to learn is supported, thereby connecting children with nature, themselves and one another in meaningful ways.


Based in child-centered learning philosophies, Open Air Learning promotes children’s curiosity and their inherent passion for learning. We aim to develop the physical and emotional health of the child and nurture their creative spirit through the wonders of a natural environment.


While exploring the outdoor world, children engage their curiosity through free play, forest adventures, stories, nature art and music, nature guessing games, and sharing ideas and observations. 


Included each day is a healthy (and yummy) organic snack.


If you're interested in learning more about whether this could be a wonderful experience for your child, contact us for more information. Prior to registration, we set a time for you to visit and go over all the questions you may have.  


See an introductory film about the forest kindergarten by Unceasing Play Productions.  


Respected author and teacher, Nancy Tracey, shares her thoughts about the forest kindergarten and the potential of children in her blog post.




















The benefits of free play outdoors are numerous, including improved physical health, cooperation, communication, focus, critical thinking, resourcefulness and confidence.


Open Air forest programs are built on the belief that children are happiest and healthiest when they spend plenty of time interacting within the natural world.


See Participation's Position Statement on the immense importance of outdoor play.


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